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TV Technology

All you could want and more: TV Technology

TV technology involves several different components and technologies, from specific features of the programming, to the devices and TVs themselves. Each part works together to give you, the customer the ultimate entertainment experience.

Picture quality

When you want best in TV entertainment, picture quality is at the top of your list. All television programming is no longer analog, but all digital, resulting in a better picture than years past. Digital television or picture quality is typically viewed as standard definition, as all channels are available in the format. The next level of picture quality is high-definition. This feature is not available on all channels, and typically costs a bit more each month. High definition, in either 720p or 1080i, is the highest quality picture you can see on your home TV. HD makes watching sports, action movies and other detailed programming all the better as you can see everything extremely clear.

Picture quality also depends on your TV. If you want HD programming, you must have an HD compatible TV. These TVs can display both standard definition, as well as HD programming. Most TV brands make HDTVs, and they have become increasingly less expensive as technology is constantly evolving and manufactures are always striving to make their products better. Sound quality is equally as important as the picture.

Receivers and DVRs

When ordering television service, you will have the choice to get a standard receiver, an HD receiver or a standard or HD DVR receiver. A standard receiver and standard DVR are only capable of displaying standard format picture quality. It will be all digital, but you will not have access to HD programming. If you have a HD TV, you will probably want an HD receiver or HD DVR, so you can enjoy the HD programming available in your package. If you have more than one TV in your home and would like DVR qualities on them, you might opt for a whole-home DVR. These can power multiple TVs at once, from one central receiver, like the DIRECTV Genie™. From the very basic standard receiver, to the most advanced, whole-home HD DVR, there are several options to choose from depending on what you want.

3D TV is more real than ever

You no longer have to go to the movie theatres to enjoy 3D movies. Some satellite and cable companies, like DIRECTV, offer 3D programming and channels to their subscribers. 3D services are only compatible with a 3D TV, much like HD with only an HD TV. 3D TVs allow users to watch standard, HD and 3D programming, all from the same TV and receiver.

TV Apps bring it all together

Want to integrate your TV viewing experience with your social media? Smart TVs or those connected to the Internet give users access to their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, as well as music from Pandora and videos from YouTube. You can even stream content from other paid services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and On Demand, giving you thousands of viewing options. Your TV essentially becomes a fully-integrated TV and computer, creating the ultimate entertainment experience.

Get the technology that’s right for you.

Whether you’re in the market for a new TV, or a new television service, there are many advanced technology options to choose from. Get more out of your TV entertainment with HTV, streaming tv or 3D programming. Call today and ask about the TV technology options available to you.

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