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Internet and TV

The perfect match: Internet and TV.

Now days, TV and Internet are synonymous with each other. Whether you’re looking to combine the two services for a unique entertainment experience, or whether you’re looking to save a little more each month by bundling the services, TV and Internet combined just makes sense.

Internet TVs are Smart.

Let’s start with TVs that are already Internet programmed or Internet capable without any additional wiring. These are Smart TVs. With a growing popularity in Internet TV services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu, the integration of TV and Internet is only growing. In order to use these services, you must have your TV connected to the Internet in some way. A few options for this is to have a connection kit like the DIRECTV CINEMA Connection Kit, or by using a Blu-ray player or game console like the Xbox 360. However, that method involves purchasing another piece of equipment. With a Smart TV, the internet capabilities are already part of the TV, eliminating another device. You can stream movies, TV shows, current and past programs as well as other programming through these services, each having a monthly subscription fee.

Bundling the services.

Perhaps the first thing you may think of with Internet and TV is that of bundling the services. With an Internet and TV bundle, you can save time, money and hassle by ordering both services at once, from one provider. Depending on the provider, bundles will include different download and upload Internet speeds, as well as different amount of TV services, including a certain number of channels, HD programming, DVR service and other TV features. Most television providers offer bundles, either with their own Internet service, or with a partnered Internet provider.

Get On Demand.

One of the greatest features of Internet and TV services combined is that of On Demand. With On Demand, you gain access to thousands of shows, movies, series and other programming. You can watch recent episodes of certain shows, older episodes of shows, even the full series for some, classic movie and new releases, as well as premium programming through channels like HBO® and Encore. This service is available through a paid Television service provider like DIRECTV.

Additional features.

Depending on your TV and Internet provider, you may have the option to add additional services to your subscription. These services may be TV Everywhere, Facebook and YouTube interaction and music streaming. With TV Everywhere, offered by DIRECTV, you can watch your favorite programming on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Some other TV everywhere services, allow you to watch programming or sports events away from your home, on your smartphone. The integration of Internet and TV also allows you to enjoy the same Internet features you love on your computer, on your TV. Post status updates to Facebook about your favorite show, while watching your show. Or take a break from traditional TV to watch YouTube videos. The options are limitless when you combine the two services.

Order TV and Internet now.

Internet and TV services go hand-in-hand. Nearly every TV provider offers a bundle package to incorporate the two. You then have several features you can take advantage of when you combine the two services. For more information and to order TV and Internet services, call the number below.

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