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Bundle Options

Bundling options for all your needs and wants.

Telecommunication services are not singular anymore. You need TV, Internet and phone services, with each one carrying a different weight on importance. For some, TV and Internet are more important than home phone services, for other, they may not need TV service, but rather just Internet and phone. That’s what is truly great about bundling. With a bundle from a trustworthy telecommunications provider, you can customize your package to get exactly what you want and need, and nothing that you don’t.

Most telecommunications companies offer a variety of bundles for your convenience. There are typically two or three components to a bundle, with varied options for each one. If you are only looking to get two features, you have three choices: TV and Internet, TV and phone, or Internet and phone. When looking for all three telecommunications services you will get different packages or options within the bundle, but each bundle will include TV, Internet and phone services.

Depending on what provider you choose for your services, you will get to pick what television package, Internet plan and voice plan you want. Many bundles have ranges in the types or amount of service you get. For instance, a smaller, less expensive bundle will often have fewer channels, slower download speeds, and possibly some calling restrictions. Whereas, the most expensive bundle will typically have the most channels, and possibly some premier channels or services, as well as the fast download and upload speeds regarding internet, and typically unlimited domestic voice services as well as other voice features like caller ID and call waiting.

Create your own bundle.

Another reason you may opt for a bundle is the ability to customize your services to get exactly what you want. Many companies offer a “build your own bundle” service where you pick and choose the features and services you want, be it the fastest download speeds and only a few select channels, or fast download speeds and unlimited calling with a great rate on international calling. Providers are able to help you get what you want by bundling.

Additional services.

Some bundles veer from the traditional telecommunications package to more of a home services package. With these, you can add security and insurances plans to the bundle to cover all your home entertainment and protection needs.

Saving money.

In addition to saving time, bundling services usually means saving money, whether up front or monthly with your payments. Depending on what service provider you choose, and what bundle you get, you may get a promotional discount that is a one-time saving, or you may get a monthly discount for a certain number of months, on top of savings you may already get.

Bundling just makes sense when you need more than one of the services mentioned. For more information on bundling, bundles and service providers, call the number below.

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